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What are Subscription Boxes?

Handmade Marshmallow Subscription Boxes


Marshmallow Club accepts members!

Members receive a surprise box of 15 handmade marshmallows once a month and are the first to try new flavours before anyone else.
Boxes can be sent nationwide and make great gifts as they can be mailed straight to the recipients home or office.
Sign up for a one off box or 3, 6, and 12 month memberships. 
Memberships open on the 1st day of each month, with boxes being shipped out after the 15th of the month when orders close. E.g. If you order your Subscription Box on the 1st of March, it will be mailed out on the 16th of March. 
If your order contains both regular Marshmallows as well as Subscription Box Marshmallows, we will hold the order until Subscriptions are ready before dispatching.

Click on 'Buy Marshmallows' in the navigation box to subscribe!

Note: Subscription products will only be available to purchase when subscriptions are open. This product is only available to purchase for delivery within Australia.