About us


Dani & Angie


We started playing around with marshmallows back in 2009, starting our own kids catering company, Innocent Catering.  As business grew we realised that our future was in sweet treats.  So in 2014 we opened a coffee shop - The Innocent Kitchen.


The Sydenham and Tempe locals love our marshmallows, but how do we share the marshmallow love with the rest of Sydney and Australia?  This is how Marshmallow Club was born.

We now offer easy online ordering for batches of marshmallows, as well as our monthly subscription service.

No matter how many marshmallows Dani whips up, there are still endless flavour combinations in her head, just waiting to come out.  The great thing about the Marshmallow Club subscription service is that we can have a bit more fun with the flavours, knowing that they're being sent out to the right people.

As of 2019 we have sold our cafe and are now focusing on Marshmallow Club full time.

To help us with our dream, make sure that you spread the marshmallow love on Instagram and Facebook.




Angie & Dani