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Frequently Asked Questions

 Handmade Salted Caramel Marshmallows


Q. When are subscriptions to Marshmallow Club open?

A. We open subscriptions on the 1st day of each month and allow 2 weeks for everyone to sign up. After these two weeks, subscriptions are then closed. Subscription Boxes are mailed out on the 16th of the month or the nearest day after if it falls on a weekend. Subscriptions are only available for Australian customers.


Q. Why can't I see the Subscriptions on the website?

A. This means that subscriptions are now closed. Check back again on the 1st of next month. Other Marshmallow products are always available to order.

Q. Where do you ship?

A. We ship to Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Q. My items aren't appearing in the shopping cart.

A. Are you using an Apple device? For some unexplained reason our website occasionally encounters problems with the Safari browser. Our recommendation is to use a PC or another device. Wherever possible, enable ‘cookies’ as this will help your device to save items to your cart. Another problem solving tip is to clear the ‘cache’ of your browser. If this still isn’t working, send me an email and I’ll process your order manually: dani@marshmallowclub.com.au


Q. When will I receive my subscription box?

A. Each month the flavours are new and there may be some testing involved. To make sure that the flavours actually work & for maximum efficiency, we wait until the 16th of the month when new subscriptions are closed to mail out the boxes. If you have created an account with us you will be able to log in to check the status of your order. We also email notifications and have tracking numbers available.


Q. When will I receive the batches of marshmallows that I ordered?

A. Standard production time is 1-3 days plus shipping time. Orders are sent out twice a week.

Please allow for extra delivery time for overseas orders.

When you go to your 'cart' there is a dialogue box where you can specify the date your order is required. If you have skipped this, we will automatically send out your order as it is completed. All orders are sent with tracking and you will automatically receive a tracking number via email once your order is fulfilled. In times of heavy volume or extreme weather there may be a delay in delivery. We appreciate your understanding.


Q. What is the shelf life of the Marshmallows?

A. Our Marshmallows and Marshmallow products do not contain any preservatives so they do not last forever. Marshmallows are best eaten within 2 months for optimum taste, texture and colour.


Q. How is shipping calculated?

A. To make things fair for everyone, we offer the same shipping rate nationwide of $10. Shipping for orders over $100 is free and this discount will automatically apply at the checkout. International shipping rates are calculated by weight so will depend on what is in your cart.


Q. Are your marshmallows vegan/vegetarian friendly?

A. Our marshmallows contain beef gelatine so unfortunately they are not vegan at the moment. We are working on creating a stable vegan marshmallow so hopefully this will be available in the future. The gelatine we use is Halal certified. 

Halal Marshmallows


Q. I have allergies. Is your product ok for me?

A. Our Marshmallows are made in a dedicated kitchen which is free from Nuts, Eggs, Gluten and Dairy. Additionally, every product we send out has an ingredient list & nutritional information panel for peace of mind. We use a combination of natural and artificial colourings & flavourings. If you have an allergy I am able to use natural colourings and dependant on availability, natural flavours. We do not add any preservatives to our products. However, our gelatine and colouring gels contain a small amount of preservatives so we cannot claim that our Marshmallows are preservative free.


Q. Are you able to provide marshmallows as favours/bonbonierres for my wedding?

A. Yes! We have many people order batches of Marshmallows to fill their favour boxes. If you would like to discuss custom flavour or colour combinations, send me an email: dani@marshmallowclub.com.au